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Laundry Price List

Self Service Washing Machine Prices
Small Washing Machine 7.5kg £4.00
Medium Washing Machine 9kg From £4.20
Medium Washing Machine 10kg From £4.40
Medium Washing Machine 10kg From £4.40
Large Washing Machine 16kg From £6.80
Tumble Dryer Prices
8 Mins £1.00

Can't Dry... We allow Dry Only... "Surcharge Applies"

Services Prices
Service Wash From £11.00
Duvets From £11..90
Soap Powder Per Wash 80p
Fabric Conditioner Per Wash 40p
Bleaching Agent Per Wash 40p
Colour Catcher Each 40p
Bounce Sheets Each 25p
Black Bags Each 20p

If your short of time ... Why not relax and try our 2 Minute service wash

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