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Wet Cleaning

A proven and progressive textile cleaning method,

wet cleaning not only removes the risk of human contact with harmful chemicals, it is also reducing pollution of the environment.


We are often asked what does wet cleaning refer to or what is the differance between wet cleaning and dry cleaning.

Wet cleaning refers to methods of professional cleaning that, in contrast to traditional dry cleaning, avoids the use of chemical solvents, the most common of which is tetrachloroethylene (commonly called perchloroethylene or "perc").

Here is what Greener cleaner has to say on the subject " Quite simply, Professional Wet Cleaning is the process of using water and specialized equipment and detergents to clean “dry clean only” garments."

Wet Cleaning
Wet cleaning

This mean's that you can professional wet clean the garment.

Wet Cleaning

This mean's that you should only use gentle setting when wet cleaning

Wet cleaning

This mean's that you should only use very gentle setting when wet cleaning.

Do Not Wet clean

This mean's that you should not wet clean this garment.

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