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Drift-In Launderette & Dry Cleaners

We started our business back in 1987 when we bought a failing laundrette in Ely called Launderama, its was one of the sixies launderette franchises but due to the increase in affordable automatic washinig machine it fell into decline. when we took it over we had to replace all the old wachine machings with the latest machines which at the time was Ipso's, we still have two of them till this today.

By the end of 1987 we started to look to expand our business and we found a small but busy launderette in Barry simpley called the 'Launderette'

In the winter of 1988 we looked at a derelict launderette in Salisbury road called 'Drift-In', we asked the owner if there was any signifigance to the name Drift-In as at that time most launderettes were called either 'Launderama' or 'Fabricare' he gave us a brief history of the business saying that it was one of the first launderettes to started by a familly who owned nurseries they called the launderette 'Drift-In' because it was a play on words as in soap powder product called "Dreft", it was the first ever sythetict soap powder. A soft and gentile powder for delicate garments.

The shop has seen some changes over the years, back in the early ninties when my mother run the shop she would have the students from the music & drama school in the laundertte during the winter months practicing their singing or rehearse their lines for the christmas play, they would often remark that it was warmer there than back at their digs. How the students lives have changed!

We have had to diversify in recent years as the area has changed, no longer relying on passing trade we now even take in parcels for our customers via HubBox click and collect stystem.