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A Little About Us

Our journey started back in 1987 when we purchase our first laundrette in Ely called Launderama, It dated back from the old sixties franchise launderettes and required total refurbishment with new washing machines, dryers and décor, We were one of the very first laundrette to be fully staffed and have a Dry Cleaning Agency at that time.

With the success of our Ely venture we open our second laundrette on Holton Road in Barry, with our mother joining our business making the laundrette very successful with her friendly and helpful character, always happy to have a gossip with all her customers.

In 1989 we purchase a closed laundrette called Drift-In on Salisbury, Road. The owner recalled the name Drift-In was a play on words for a soap powder called Dreft back then. We kept the name and have diversified with the ever changing trends investing in our laundrette with the latest machines and introducing new services like HubBox click and collect parcel system.

We appreciate you the customer have made our laundrette the success it is to today.

Big Thank You

From all our wash angels at Drift-In

My Beautiful Laundrette

During the early nineties we provided the student's at Arts & Drama collage sound material and props so that they could put on their production of "My Beautiful Launderette" apparently it was a sell out, we help out a lot in those day when the only warm place to learn your lines or practice your singing was at the local launderette.

Open 7 Day's A Week

Font Of Knowledge

Today we are a hub of information not only to students but to tourists as well providing them with useful information about the best places to visit and to help them on their way with clean clothes as well.

Always Happy To Help

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