Quilts & Duvets

Duvets & Quilts

Snuggle Up Without Those Bugs

Choice is Yours

Self Service or Service Wash

Duvets and quilts are often the most neglected items of bedding; however we regularly wash our bed sheets, but can easily forget about the duvets inside or the quilts on top.

So if you need to clean your duvets but your washing machine isn't up to the job, we can help with our large washers and tumble dryers for you to use but we advise to read the cleaning instructions first.

Or why not let our wash angels take care of your duvets and bedding instead with a variety of detergents to choose from, some having real good scents to help you get a good nights rest too.

Duvet Laundry Prices

Duvet Hollow fibre Prices
Single Duvet £12.90
Double Duvet £14.90
King Duvet £16.90
Bed Toppers From £16.90
Duvets Feather Prices
Single Duvet £14.90
Double Duvet £16.90
King Duvet £18.90
Pillows   Prices
Pillow per POA


Service Wash

Don’t let the weekly wash get you down, just follow our 3 easy steps and let our wash angels do the rest all ready for you to collect the same day or if you prefer we can pick up and drop off to your door.

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