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We are a local self service launderette and dry cleaning specialists based in Cardiff. Our staff are the highest standards in clothes care, whilst providing value for money to you our customer.

Does the weekly laundry get you down? Or just can't find the time? We have made it easy for you, simply drop off your laundry and we will wash, dry and fold it, saving you both time and money. If required we may also arranged to collect and deliver your laundry to your home.

We are also able to offer you Quality Dry Cleaning for virtually all items of clothing, and if your pressed for time we can also help you with our ironing and shirt service. If you require any further information regarding our services please contact us..

As an award winning launderette and dry cleaners Drift-In features in Three best rated pages

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Launderette Services

Come and see our new washing machines by Electrolux with the wash triangle, perfect balance between economy, wash performance and time, depending on the customer needs. Finding the perfect balance between low water and energy consumption, whilst maximizing wash results with shorter processing time.

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All this at a laundromat near me!

Wash Angles

Why don't you try our 2 minute wash. to find out more

Laundry collection & delivery service available

Dry cleaning

dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of clothing and soft furnishings care whilst providing a real value for money service.

Excellent Customer Service Values

Drift-In Dry Cleaners prides itself on service excellence, discretion and meticulous care for each customer's individual requirements. Drift-In Dry Cleaners has been around for years offering professional dry cleaning and a personal laundry service to the highest standard. We are the only cleaners where you can come and leave your laundry and leave with a smile on your face. Our seven stage cleaning process starts when we evaluate the fabric and ends with a final hand inspection. We are proud of meticulous care, excellence and prudence to each customer’s individual requirements. We provide dry cleaning and laundry service for high quality clothing, discreet and attentive service as well as fabric care.

Dry Cleaning Shirts on Hangers

Laundry Care Symbols

A simple guide to your garment cleaning instructions found in the care label.


In this section there is a list of symbols from hand washing to no washing at all.

Dry cleaning

Here we will discover the different chemical symbols for you garment care.


These symbols show at what tempreature your garment should be pressed at.


We will be explaning what the symbol means and if you can use bleach and what type of bleach can be used.


These symbols will cover wether and how your garment should be dryed.

Wet Cleaning

This is a reliativly new symbol and does not refure to normal laundry.

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